Making a Difference Aiding Local COMMUNITIES

There are a number of wonderful community initiatives in Livingstone which provide places of safety, hospice care and homes for the destitute and the aged. All of these require funding to continue supplying the essential services and care they provide. To support and help their fund-raising drives, Livingstone’s Adventure sponsors River Boat Safari Lunch Experiences for the organisations below to sell tickets to raise much needed funding.


Lubasi Home provides residential care for orphans and vulnerable children who have no family to care for them.  Many of them have been orphaned as a result of AIDS which has affected many families.

Lubasi admits children age 5 to 10 years old and aims to care for them until they are able to sustain themselves or are taken into foster families.  The Department of Social Welfare with the help of community organisations select children most in need of care.


Maramba Home, situated in Livingstone is a home for the reception, care and support of the aged, who are in destitute circumstances and have no family to look after them.

Although government believes that every person should be supported within the community and family setting, there are circumstances that have led to some people being left without support.

Maramba Home currently cares for more than 50 people by providing shelter, food, medical assistance and clothing.


Lushomo trust was created to provide immediate shelter and counselling for young and vulnerable victims of crime, and to help girls who reside there to heal both physically and emotionally.

When cases of sexual abuse are known to authorities, there is sometimes a need to remove children from their homes until the offender is convicted in court, and a suitable shelter with other family members can be found.


St Joseph’s Hospice provides quality palliative care to both adults and children who do not respond well to curative treatment, or who have no family members to take care of them. St Joseph’s  is a safe haven that ensures loving care and a dignified death for those who do not recover from their illness.